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A Red-hot SEO Consultant That Will Step-up Your Profits For A Nominal Fee.

Hello all search engine optimization clients and supporters, this nonfiction is informing you all to a London based SEO expert, Leighton Griffiths. Leighton can cater to all your SEO needs, which will include Pay Per Click campaigns, on and off page optimisation, keyword research and analysis, FREE website analysis, Email campaigns, and of-course link building. After Leighton has carried out a free website analysis he will then ensure that your website will appear on page one of the search engine optimization results pages which will realize your establishment maximum exposure to potential consumers searching for your services/products, and guarantee not only a full ROI but a fast ROI.

Why are all of these strategies required when representing your organization online? Easy, whenever you represent your organisation online you need to reach as many potential clients, in as many or specific geographical areas as possible. The more consumers you reach the better the chance of accomplishing increased sales. Starting an Email campaign is a good way to reach potential consumers but this strategy has a low CTR compared to the amount of electronic mails sent. If this was united with a website that is found for specific keywords to your products/services, then your success rate is intensified because you have consumers searching specifically for your product. SEO does not need to take a long time in the implementation stage, so when keywords are researched, and agreed the implimentation of the search engine optimisation strategy will be realised in days. This means any clients you wish to target can be targeted in days, as opposed to weeks or months.

Leighton has helped numerous businesses increment their net profit and he provides his services for a reasonable fee, which will suit any budget large or small. All of this is included in a one off payment that can be agreed upon after the free website analysis has been realised, ensuring that your companies budget is not over stretched. Packages include profit sharing (an agreed upon percentage of gross net profit from the extra revenue that has been made from the Search Engine Optimisation services), monthly payments (maintenance of SEO on your site), contract option (normally for projects exceeding 6 months), and one off analysis where Leighton will get your website to page one of the SERP’s and then you contact him when you need his skills to update your sites content or campaigns. All of these packages provide for different customers needs, and help smaller firms acquire more control over how their advertising budget can be maximized to increment profits and realise sales.

Leighton Griffiths wants to hear from you about any and all search engine optimization issues you may be experiencing, please email him on factory.seo@gmail.com and become more competitive in your online market, and increment your net income in days.

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