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Can You Rank Better With Proper SEO?

You read a lot about Search Engine Optimization these days as everyone competes to get their site to the first page of search engine results. In this article I will discuss how keywords, meta tags and well written page content can help. I will explain each of these and how you can use them to your advantage to rank better with proper SEO.

On every web page there is a section of HTML code which is hidden from the human reader but can be read by the search engines’ robots. This section is called the Head and it contains the all-important Title and Meta Tags that the robots use to find out what your site is all about. Many webmasters don’t make the most of this to help their rankings.

The Title tag is, as the name suggests, where you give each page on your site a descriptive and informative name. This is the name that you will see in your browser address bar when you visit any website. The title you give to a page should accurately reflect the theme of the content on the page. For example, if your site is devoted to toys and you have a page on electric toy trains, then a reasonable title would be something like “Electric Toy Trains”. If the content of the page dealt with a particular type of electric toy train then the title should include this detail.

It is surprising how many web pages you see with the word “untitled” in the address bar as the owner has not given the page a title. A good title will contain keywords that will help a page to be indexed correctly and will also be a plus point as far as ranking goes.

The Meta Tags, specifically the ones for keywords and the site or page description, have a similar function to the title tag. They help a search engine robot to properly classify the content of a web page. The meta keyword tag is simply a list of the keywords that relate to the content of a page, separated by commas. It pays to do some research and discover the keywords and keyword phrases that surfers use when searching for information on the topic of your site.

The meta description tag is used to provide a short precis of the content of a page. It only needs to be three or four sentences long but it should be written in a way that will encourage people to visit your site. The reason for this is that many search engines display the information in the meta description in the search results so that people can decide whether or not to visit the site. It pays to use good keywords in this tag as well.

The written content that is published on the page is also very important from the point of good SEO. It has to be relevant, of course, and it should make good use of keywords and phrases to reinforce the information provided in the meta and title tags. Be wary of using the same keyword too often on a page, however. It will appear to be “spammy” to a human reader and also to a search engine.

If you follow the advice given above you will be making good use of on page optimization techniques. It is no guarantee of a high placement in the search engines but it will certainly help your site to rank better than a poorly optimized competitor’s site. Free Seo Ebooks, articles, videos and downloads available here.

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