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When making a website, the main search engine that you want to impress is the largest and most popular search engine. That search engine is google. Make a google friendly website by following the below steps. If you want your website found by google, you need to complete every step mentioned in this article. This article has been tested and made by a real website developer who has many google friendly websites that are becoming more popular every day. This article is for beginner website developers that want to make a google friendly website.
.Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:

Plan your website. Before making your Google friendly website, you need to plan it out. Just like a business needs a business plan, a website needs a website plan. What will you make your website about? What website host will you use and how much time and money will you invest in your website? You need to make sure that you write your website plan and details down. Research as much as possible before starting your google friendly website.

Find a website niche! This is a very important part of making a google friendly website. Finding a website niche means that you need a website topic that will help drive traffic to your website. Find a topic that isn’t too competitive and that people online are searching for. Your website niche needs to have a lot of information (Content) to cover in your website.

Find your website host! After your website niche is decided and you have plenty of website development knowledge, you can find your website host. Many online web hosting companies offer free websites and hosting. Research website host details. How much space will you have on your website? Do they provide website templates? What are the hosting fees and guidelines?

Buy your custom domain name. A custom domain name is the name of your website that doesn’t include your hosting name in it. Custom domain names are recommended for a google friendly website. Google indexes and ranks custom domain names faster and better than regular free domain names.

Write a lot of website content. Websites that have a lot of useful content are usually google friendly websites because Google Search Engine really likes informational web sites. Type or include as much details and information as possible in your google friendly website. Build many pages to your website. The more web pages that are built, the more pages there will be in google search results. Which then means, more website visitors will be directed to your website.

Learn SEO and apply it to your google friendly website. Search engine Optimization is very important if you want google to index, list and rank your website in the search engine results. Pick good Keywords, Meta Tags and page descriptions if your website host allows you too.

Make sure your website has good navigation. Your visitors should be able to get around your website without having to search around to find the available web pages. A website navigation bar is recommended for a google friendly website. Google likes websites that provide easy navigation to their website visitors.
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