Google OS: Your Best Bet For 2011 Operating Systems

Quite a few of us wish Google would make 1 so they can beat Microsoft at their own game. However, there’s no leaked news to report. However, an analysis of why Google OS really should create an operating program is in order.

Microsoft entered into the search engine game late, however their vast wealth and resources may well have the ability to make up for it. Microsoft realized that they won’t make billions from their Operating System forever, so they are trying to get their hands dirty in a lot of other projects and

It’s hard to decide how quite a few individuals will switch over to Google Operating System. One large challenge will be the reality that Google Android already exists. It’s on numerous mobile phones now and soon to be netbooks and tablet computers. Internet developers and producers have been employing and creating Android a lot additional than Google Chrome. Although it’s an outstanding browser, there does not appear to be a location for it but in the marketplace place.

Google, a much younger firm that has astonished everyone from the seasoned Wall Street Veteran to essentially the most novice of pc users, has most of it is eggs in one basket. It has been reported that approximately 99% of Google’s revenue is through AdWords, their Pay Per Click text advertising service. Although the majority of men and women use Google right now, it doesn’t mean the majority will use it tomorrow. Google’s monetary success is due in component to the fact that much more people today use Google than any other search engine. Nonetheless, if that changes, it doesn’t appear like Google has any backups but.

Microsoft has seen that they wont be selling there new Google operating systems by way of CD’s. They’ve most likely realized that the next large thing in operating systems would basically be an incredibly secure on the net sort operating system whenever they make it to ensure that all new computers often have an world-wide-web connection. Thus, Microsoft has invested heavily in numerous industries., Xbox, Zune, plus the MSN Network has shown that Microsoft has a long term technique and desktop operating systems might not have a place in this strategy.

Google has become buying different other medias. Even so, because Google itself says that Microsoft is one of it is biggest competitor’s, it’s important that Google take on Microsoft in Microsoft’s household territory. Microsoft came in to the search engine world, flexing monetary muscle, yet have not even come close to toppling Google. It is only proper that Google, employing it is own financial muscle, comes into the Operating System world.

Right now by Operating System, I mean something distinct than what most of you are thinking. For Google to win Microsoft, it would need to develop such an amazing “Google OS” that it would redefine the words “Operating Program.” It would need to make Windows appear like an ancient and old fashioned program.

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