Google Analytics Might Maintain Your Site Monitoring Wants

Any website owner wanting to track site visitors, whether merely out of interest or because they want to ultimately keep an eye on their traffic and probably improve it, will need a few suitable traffic tracking software. And for my own customers, the one and merely tool that I now recommend it Google’s Analytics program.

The big draw is that it is free and straightforward to use. Unlike other tracking tools there is no charge. Actually, it is in Google’s interest to track site hits and that is possibly why they provide the tool for free, but that is a whole story in itself!

Google Analytics is very simple to install. Merely create an account and then paste a small snippet of javascript code onto the footer of your pages. Or, if you are blogging, you could get WordPress plugins that will make the job even simpler for you. I could recommend using these instead of manually adding the code to the footer of your site, because if you update your theme and forget to copy the code across, you lose your tracking.

Once installed Google starts tracking every detail imaginable round your visitors. All of the information is updated every night rather than live, which is my only complaint around the system – you cannot see what is going on today!

When Analytics has been doing its job for long enough you should have a good amount of visitors statistics to plough through. More than enough really! You might look at how a lot of people are finding your website and how they are finding it. Are they direct visitors (clicked a link), search engine traffic or whatever?

It is also useful to start examining your ‘bounces’. These are visitors that have left your site without going to a second page. Be on the look out for times when the bounce rate goes up. It could be a particular search term which you are getting traffic for that is irrelevant, which probably does not matter. But dig deeper into the stats and you will uncover information around traffic’ browsers and browser settings, whether they have javascript enabled, the resolution of their screen and many more detailed statistics.

If you notice that one of these values has lots more than its share of bounces it could indicate a problem. Perhaps your site does not work properly in a certain browser, or a version of a browser. If bounces are consistently high for a segment then try to replicate what they are seeing and see if it is impending to correct a problem. Doing so might actually increase your web site’s visitors volumes.

Google’s Analytics provides a huge wealth of stats round your visitors. You could get bogged down with too much information, but it could also be used to improve your visitors. What more might you need for your site tracking needs?

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Written by Keith Lunt

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