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Have you been waiting to receive the advertising edge that you business needs? Have you not been experiencing or receiving the results that you desire? Well then I have the answer for you, Pixel Advertising. Pixel Advertising is in simple terms a virtual billboard for companies to advertise on, for a minimal price of $20 for 1 year! Yes that’s right, $20 for 1 year of advertising at is a Pixel Advertising website that ranks very well among other sites of its kind, and receives a lot of traffic, about five thousand unique visitors every day as of March 2011. This is very beneficial to businesses not only because of the affordability, but because of the exposure you can receive for such a minimal cost.

One of the main reasons Pixel Advertising is effective for businesses is because it offers companies high quality traffic, and no bouncers, which is when someone goes to a website, and then immediately leaves which really hurts your Google page ranking. Advertisers on on average are receiving about 500-750 views per day as of March 2011, and the numbers are increasing on a daily basis, going up 7-8% daily. This is a great opportunity for your business, and no company can afford to not join. Your company will thank you, and once you start receiving more traffic, sales and leads, your only problem will be having too much business to handle, and trust me, that’s a problem any business or website owner would love to have.

What could another 500-750 people visitors coming to your business or website every day do for your company? On a marketing average, 4% of visitors will make a purchase for a product or service on a website that would mean 18-30 sales per day for your business, talk about a life changing scenario, and all for $20 per year or $1.66 per month. This is an amazing opportunity for you, and will give you the business you need. We know how competitive the online advertising market is, and it can be difficult to stay ahead of your competitors, so use, and keep your competitors wondering how you’re taking all their business, and ranking up.

You may be asking yourself, what other benefits are there to me if I advertise on, well the answer is Google PR (Page Rank). When you begin to receive high amounts of traffic on a daily basis for your business, Google considers your website to be important, and therefore will place your website higher on their search engines when an individual make a search. SO not only will you receive a lot of quality targeted traffic from, but on top of that, earn a higher page rank and get more traffic from Google. This is a unique opportunity for your business, and you will never look back on the day when traffic and sales were an issue. Join the many of other satisfied and happy advertisers and business owners, turn your business around today, and join

People that are looking for info about Pixel Advertising, please visit the web site which was mentioned in this paragraph.

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