4 Steps For How To Build A Link Wheel

When it comes to getting your website or blog indexed one of the best ways is through other sites linking back to you. Getting other sites to give you backlinks though isn’t always easy. For example you might not have a high enough PR , or no page rank even to attract other website owners to want to link to you. One way you can create quality backlinks that are “do follow” are one way back links without any hassle, is to create a link wheel.

A link wheel is a group of other sites such as Hubpages, Blogger, or Word Press to name a couple examples that have relevant content and link back to your main site. To create a link wheel do the following;

1. Your first step is to sit down and write an article. It doesn’t matter what the article is about, what matters is that this article will serve as a template that you’re going to use for your other sites. You don’t want to copt and paste the same content over and over again, you want each article unique. Otherwise you can get penalized for having duplicate content and your search engine rankings will suffer for it.

2. Now that you’ve written your template article you want to pick out a few sites that you’re going to create posts on. Depending on the complexity of the link wheel you want to create you have dozens of sites in the wheel. Once you pick which sites you want to post on, sign up and create new accounts for those sites.

3. Now post an article to each of these sites using your template article. Each article has to have one link that goes back to your target site (website) and one link that points to another post you created for your link wheel. It’s important that you don’t link them in order.

4. Now that you’ve created all your articles and their linked appropriately you then want to link them to social networking sites and ping them to get those articles and posts indexed quickly. When the search bots crawl these articles they’ll find your links linking back to your original site and crawl it as well.

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