Good SEO Link Building Strategies

For starting, Link Building is most effective internet marketing strategy to increase website traffic and sales. And other marketing strategies could easily categorized under the link building main strategy.

Backlinks is the only way for any webmaster to get publicity and branding, and only through Link Building you can help web surfers to find your site.

Search engines and web surfers as one will find your website through links on other website, and those links will be considered as votes to the popularity of your website and as identification cards, this way search engines will know how popular your website is, and what it is about then rank it accordingly.

So what are the best One Way Link Building strategy is article marketing and it simply mean writing related articles then post them to different directories and blogs. But there are a lot to talk about this strategy because it is very important and necessary to your marketing.

To harness the power of article marketing you need spin (rewrite) each article before submitting it to different websites, this way you will get a unique article posted on each different website, and bypass the content duplication.

You will also need to have a service that connects you to other bloggers looking for blog posts, and seeking content to post on their blogs. Posting your articles on blogs is very important because blogs increase your popularity in the eyes of search engines.

You will need link building software or service to be able to send your articles to as many blogs and directories as possible, and this way you will get the maximum number of backlinks from each article you submit.

2. Forum marketing, forum can drive hundreds of valuable targeted web surfers to your website, but it require from you to participate with related forums and have your links on the signature file. Do not spam forums and always consider forum readers as experts and competitors, this is the only way to gain their respect.

3. Social media marketing, although some SEO experts do not consider social media as a good linking strategy, but it is the most important and newly strategy to brand yourself and direct people using social networks to your site, Personally I think that each visitor from social media to your website could be better than hundred other visitor from articles and press release.

Facebook, twitter, youtube, area great example of different social media sites that have different content types, and drive different kind of web surfers.

4. My last One Way Link Building strategy is free content publishing websites, that allow you to run your own webpage or blog for free on their server and their main domain. Like wordpress, blogger, squidoo and hubpages. But to get the most from those websites you will also need to build backlinks and drive traffic to your pages.

Your SEO Link Building strategies must be continuance and improving (quality and quantity) with the time, this way you will be telling the search engines that your website traffic and popularity is increasing rapidly. And more and more people like your website.